Hydrogen Energy Equipment Solution

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In the hydrogen energy industry, we leverage our own advantages to focus on developing series of high-pressure hydrogen energy equipment, delve deep into cutting-edge technology research and development, conduct in-depth studies in areas such as hydrogen station equipment and hydrogen compressors, and provide solutions for hydrogen energy equipment and component testing. We collaborate with Tsinghua University and Wuhan University of Technology to ensure product quality and promote industry development.

Hydrogen Refueling Station

The hydrogen refueling station includes the design, manufacturing, and construction of equipment such as hydrogen storage tanks, hydrogen compressors, hydrogen dispensers, cooler system, and station control systems.

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Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Station

The skid-mounted portable mobile hydrogen refueling station integrates hydrogen unloading system, pressurization system, dispenser, connecting tubings, control system, and safety facilities. It is a highly integrated explosion-proof hydrogen refueling device.

This portable station is used joint with the portable hydrogen storage containers to conduct hydrogen fueling service for easy installation, temporary usage, or even remoted regions.

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Hydrogen Compressor

It is a highly integrated and complete hydrogen compressor system that integrates hydraulic poewr station, hydraulic-driven hydrogen booster, and control system. It is mainly used in hydrogen refueling stations to boost low-pressure hydrogen to a certain pressure level before storing it in hydrogen storage tanks or buffer tanks or directly filling into vehicle hydrogen cylinders, to meet customer hydrogen refueling needs.

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Hydrogen Dispenser

It is a specialized equipment used in hydrogen fueling stations to provide filling service to the hydrogen storage tank of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with metering and payment functions.

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Sequence Control Cabinet

The sequence control cabinet connects the unloading column, hydrogen storage cylinder group, hydrogen compressor, and hydrogen filling machine to realize the control of the hydrogen loop between various process equipment in the hydrogen refueling station, control the flow direction and sequence of hydrogen, and achieve rapid hydrogen refueling.

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Hydrogen Refueling Station Control System

The hydrogen refueling station control system consists of a refueling station payment system and an operation monitoring system, which realizes the query statistics and report output of refueling station transaction data and the safe operation monitoring of refueling station equipment.

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Hydrogen Equipment and Components Testing Solutions

FST can provide testing equipment for key hydrogen energy system equipment and components, including hydrogen compressors, hydrogen storage tanks, hydrogen tank combination valves, TPRDs, check valves, shut-off valves, fueling nozzles, fueling ports, connection devices, etc. We can also provide testing equipment for new energy vehicle components and provide overall laboratory planning solutions.

Testing Services include:

Pressure and burst testing (water, oil; up to 400 MPa)

Hydrostatic pressure testing (external testing method; up to 150 MPa)

Leakage testing (nitrogen, helium; up to 105 MPa; bubble testing, helium mass spectrometer leak detection)

Pressure cycling testing (water, hydrogen; up to 105 MPa)

Temperature cycling testing (-40°C to +150°C)

Environmental testing (corrosion, aging, ozone)

Flow testing, electrical testing

Fire resistance, cracking, drop, vibration, and gunshot testing

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