Interity & Compliance


Company's Interity and Compliance Management

FST adheres to an open and transparent platform, and strictly abides by national laws, regulations, and policies, fulfilling relevant business ethical commitments. Based on the industry and company's actual situation, FST has formulated its integrity and compliance management policies. The company strictly implements control procedure for procurement management, supplier management, customer complaint management, and others to achieve compliance supervision and management at all stages of the business process. FST attaches great importance to internal employee compliance education and training, standardizes the employee behavior guidelines, and cultivates the awareness and quality of compliance and integrity.


External Integrity and Compliance Management

We incorporate integrity and compliance requirements into the management policies for our supplier partners and encourage them to establish compliance management systems. We conduct due diligence and verification of new suppliers we cooperate with to ensure their authenticity and compliance. We will discontinue cooperation with any supplier or customer that violates integrity and compliance standards.