Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical injection skid is designated to continuously or intermittently inject chemical agents with accuracy of doses under the backpressure.

The usage for different chemicals of the injection skid include: Reverse demulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor,  demulsifier, alkalinity, anti-foam, etc.

Conventional chemical injection skid

This is used for conventional chemical injection in factories or oil fields, including chemical storage containers, pumps, valves and instruments, related tunbings, and electrical controls. All of these components are installed on a single enclosed skid. Conventional injection skids are widely used in onshore applications.

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Multi-point chemical injection skid

The purpose of the multi-point chemical injection skid is to use a single metering pump to inject different chemical agents at different injection points, flow rates, and pressures.

This type of skid is more suitable for situations where there are a large number of injection points and limited space. This product replaces multiple chemical injection devices with a single skid, reducing operating and maintenance costs and improving space efficiency.

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