Oil & Gas Equipment Solution

Professional Supplier of Oilfield Surface Engineering Equipment

We have been focusing on wellhead safety control systems and ground skid-mounted equipment for oil and gas field engineering for nearly 20 years. We have the capability of systematic production, service and collaborative support, as well as industry-specific technical expertise and core competitiveness.

As one of the earliest China domestic suppliers specialized in oilfield surface engineering equipment, we can offer customers comprehensive and satisfactory services, apply system solutions in projects, and efficiently serve our clients, striving to be the pioneer and driving force in the industry.

Wellhead Safety Control System

FST has massive project experience in the design, manufacturing, and commisionning of the wellhead safety control system (WHCP), which can be single-well controlling, multi-well controlling, or solar powered. The applicable scenarios can be onshore, offshore, desert areas, or artificial islands.

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Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical injection skid is designated to continuously or intermittently inject chemical agents with accuracy of doses under the backpressure.

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Pressure Testing Equipment

FST has led the design, construction, and overall solutions for multiple national-level high-temperature and high-pressure laboratories, representing the technological high ground for domestic high-temperature and high-pressure laboratory construction.

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Other Specialized Equipment

FST has extended a series of high-value products in projects such as choke manifold and wellhead control systems.

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