A national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, and service, focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of wellhead safety control systems, ground skid-mounted equipment, automotive parts testing equipment, hydrogen refueling station equipment, hydrogen storage systems, hydrogen generator systems, and other related products, actively expanding research and application of hydrogen production and supply technology, establishing third-party testing centers for hydrogen equipment and components, and providing systematic solutions, Realize the integrated business model of "equipment+system+service".

Currently, it has more than 50 patents and software copyrights, and has successively passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other system certifications. It has received honors and qualification certifications such as Shenzhen Specialized and Special New Enterprise, API SPEC 6A Certification of the American Petroleum Association, ASME U Steel Seal Certificate, Special Equipment Production License, and Explosion-proof Certificate.

PLC Integrated Wellhead Application

For wellheads that require high reliability and programmable logic control, FST has developed the PLC-based wellhead control system. The system is designed with advanced fault-tolerant, fail-safe programmable logic controllers, internationally certified safety I/O modules, simplex/redundant configurations, and communication modules for intelligent control of the wellhead.

Power sources: manual hydraulic pumps and electric hydraulic pumps.

Control objects: surface safety valves and subsurface safety valves.

Applicable working conditions: wellheads that require high reliability and programmable logic control.

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Desert and Remote Wellhead Applications

For areas where power supply is unavailable in desert and remote regions, FST has developed a solar-powered wellhead safety control system that uses solar energy as a power source. For natural gas reservoirs, a gas wellhead safety control system can also be designed to use natural gas as a power source in order to reduce costs.

Considering the difficulty of inspecting wells in person in desert and remote areas, these types of wells are remotely controlled and monitored by RTU.

Power source: solar energy, electric hydraulic pump.

Control objects: subsurface safety valves, surface safety valves, etc.

Applicable working conditions: unmanned areas in remote areas such as deserts, Gobi, mountains, etc.

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Multi-well Wellhead Safety Control System

Highly intelligent and integrated system capable of controlling more than 30 wells.

Powerful functionality with a pressure level of up to 210MPa, at the advanced level in the industry.

Widely applicable in various environments, including high-temperature and high-pressure, extreme cold, corrosive salt spray environments on offshore platforms, hydrogen sulfide-enriched environments, etc.

Recognized and widely used in both international and domestic markets.

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Ultra-high Pressure Wellhead Safety Control System

Control pressure up to 30,000 PSI, with integrated hot standby redundant RTU control system.

Suitable for high-risk harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and hydrogen sulfide riched content, providing guarantee for the development of domestic HPHT H2S-enriched gas wells.

Received unanimous recognition and long-term stable application in international and domestic markets.

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Oil & Gas Laboratory

FST has experience in leading the design, construction, and overall solution development of multiple national-level laboratories, and has obtained relevant patents.

FST represents the top tier of the technology in the construction of high-temperature and high-pressure laboratories in China, and is a leader in the construction of hig-temperature and high-pressure laboratories in China's oil and gas industry.

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Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical injection skid is designated to continuously or intermittently inject chemical agents with accuracy of doses under the backpressure.

The usage for different chemicals of the injection skid include: Reverse demulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, demulsifier, alkalinity, anti-foam, etc.

Centralized control would grant the operation more safeness and convinence.

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Surface Safety Valve

The Surface Safety Valve, together with the Wellhead Control Panel, forms the Wellhead Safety Control System.

Our Surface Safety Valve is a type of linear motion valve driven and controlled by pneumatic or hydraulic, and relied on spring reset. It is applied in oil and natural gas well fields to provide safety protection in critical situations such as oil and gas leakage or fire. It can directly and quickly shut off the wellhead.


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Application on Offshore Oil and Gas Wellhead on Ocean Platform

Based on the characteristic of centralized control of multiple oil/gas wells on the ocean, FST has developed a multi-well wellhead safety control system, which contains multiple wellhead control modules. Each control module controls one well independently without interference, which facilitates maintenance and replacement.

The control system can be designed according to customer requirements as pneumatic-hydraulic, electric-pneumatic, electric-hydraulic systems with remote control interfaces.

Power source: manual hydraulic pump, electric hydraulic pump, pneumatic hydraulic pump.

Control objects: surface safety valve and subsurface safety valve, etc.

Applicable working conditions: oil and gas wellheads on offshore platforms.

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