Military Testing Equipment Solution

Innovation and Application of High-Precision and Advanced Measurement and Control Technology for Pressure Components

We have developed a series of high-precision and advanced pressure-bearing component measurement and control equipment to design and manufacture various testing systems for the nuclear power industry, aerospace industry, national defense and military industry, and shipbuilding industry. We also provide system solutions to escort the normal operation of customer products.

The testing system simulates complex mechanical environments under normal operating conditions or accident conditions and conducts various dynamic and static pressure tests on customer test pieces. Real-time monitoring and measurement of deformation or leakage data are available.

Zirconium Tube Internal Pressure Creep Fatigue Testing Machine

This machine is suitable for testing the out-of-pile performance screening of piping materials used in nuclear power plants: the fatigue durability performance of test pieces under high vacuum, high temperature environment, and internal high-pressure medium. It determines whether the quality of the test piece meets the requirements based on relevant standards.

The gas internal pressure creep testing machine can control the pressure stability of two channels at different pressures and temperatures during testing. The liquid internal pressure fatigue testing machine adopts hydraulic servo control and can perform high-pressure high-frequency pulse fatigue testing.

Application objects: Piping materials used in nuclear power plants.


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Zirconium Tube High-Temperature Burst Test Machine

This machine is mainly used for testing the maximum internal pressure that fuel cladding materials for nuclear reactors and accident-tolerant fuel cladding alloy zirconium tubes can withstand in a high-temperature vacuum environment, according to relevant standards to judge whether the quality of the test piece meets the requirements.

Application object: Pipes used in nuclear power plant nuclear islands.

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Aircraft Sealing Component High-Speed Rotary Test Machine

This test machine measures the single performance and real machine performance of sealing components, and is suitable for testing and research work on various rotary oil seals. Equipped with a high and low temperature environmental test chamber, it can achieve long-term stable high-speed rotation under static pressure and real-time detection of leakage.

Application objects: various sealing components in the aerospace industry.

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Aerospace Hydraulic Components High-Low Temperature Reciprocating Test Machine

The high-low temperature and high-pressure sealing assessment test platform is equipped with high and low-temperature environmental test boxes, and can realize alternating internal pressure, linear reciprocating motion, and real-time detection of leakage.

Application target: various sealing components in the aerospace industry.


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