Multi-well Wellhead Safety Control System

Highly intelligent and integrated system capable of controlling more than 30 wells.

Powerful functionality with a pressure level of up to 210MPa, at the advanced level in the industry.

Widely applicable in various environments, including high-temperature and high-pressure, extreme cold, corrosive salt spray environments on offshore platforms, hydrogen sulfide-enriched environments, etc.

Recognized and widely used in both international and domestic markets.

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Ultra-high Pressure Wellhead Safety Control System

Control pressure up to 30,000 PSI, with integrated hot standby redundant RTU control system.

Suitable for high-risk harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and hydrogen sulfide riched content, providing guarantee for the development of domestic HPHT H2S-enriched gas wells.

Received unanimous recognition and long-term stable application in international and domestic markets.

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Oil & Gas Laboratory

FST has experience in leading the design, construction, and overall solution development of multiple national-level laboratories, and has obtained relevant patents.

FST represents the top tier of the technology in the construction of high-temperature and high-pressure laboratories in China, and is a leader in the construction of hig-temperature and high-pressure laboratories in China's oil and gas industry.

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Military Testing Equipment Solution

Provided important technical support for the sealing testing of China's fifth-generation fighter jets.

Helped solve the bottleneck technology problem in the testing of alloy zirconium tubes, promoting the localization of key technologies and equipment in the military and nuclear industries.

Promoted the implementation of the National 863 Program.

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