FST wellhead safety control system successfully ensures the safety and stability of the largest gas storage in the country against extreme cold

In January 2021, due to the impact of extremely cold air, the temperature in a wide range of China dropped, and the demand for natural gas consumption soared. As the largest natural gas storage in China, Hutubi Gas Storage in Xinjiang Oilfield was running at full capacity to ensure the supply of natural gas in winter, with the maximum daily gas supply reaching 28 million cubic meters and cumulative gas recovery reaching 2.51 billion cubic meters. It not only provides heating for the cities in northern Xinjiang in winter, but also supplies it to Beijing, Shanghai and other inland provinces and cities through the West-East gas transmission pipeline, ensuring the the industrial and residential demand of energy in the provinces and regions along the pipeline.


Hutubi Gas Storage is the largest natural gas storage in China, which has multiple functions such as seasonal peak regulation and emergency storage. Gas storage is a national long-term energy strategic project, which requires higher reliability, longer lifespan and better functionalities. FST designs a complete wellhead safety control system scheme according to the characteristics and working conditions of gas storage. The design adopts multiple integrated valve group with modular design, reduce pipeline connection, reduce system leakage risk; adopts the highest performance hot standby redundant RTUs controller in the well safety system; the CPU and redundancy switcher are integrated; the modules are rack mounted, and the rack space is fully optimized the convenience of maintenance; all instruments, considering the maintenance and calibration, are eqquiped with isolation pressure relief valves. The FST wellhead safety control system provided for the 45 injection and production wells in Phase I and Phase II of Hutubi gas storage has been running safely and stably for seven complete injection and production cycles. FST's standardized, modular and integrated products are proven by the performance of well solving the strict safety requirements of Hutubi gas storage for injection and production well.



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FST wellhead safety control system secures the victory for Tarim

At midnight on December 21st, 2020, a large modern oil and gas field was born in Tarim Basin, marking that Tarim oilfield has become one of the three onshore oil and gas fields with an annual output of more than 30 million tons oil and an annual output of 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Tarim Basin is one of the largest oil-gas enrichment basins in China, and also the most complicated basin in geological conditions. The Tazhong, Kela, Keshen, Dabei and Bozi in the region are oil and gas-rich, ultra-deep, ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure, where the exploration difficulty is among the world most challenging. There is not only harsh natural environment, ever-changing geological structures, but also extremely arduous exploration and development conditions, given the highest pressure gas wells in China, as well as the HPHT hydrogen sulfide-rich gas wells with production of more than 1 million cubic meters, pressure of more than 100 MPa and wellhead temperature of more than 100 degrees Celsius.

FST wellhead safety control system successfully ensures the safety and stability of the largest gas storage in the country against extreme cold

Affected by extremely cold air in January 2021, the temperature in China will decrease over a wide range, and the demand for natural gas consumption will increase sharply

The successful delivery of the PR2 test system to Saudi Arabia, demonstrates the reliable EPC capability of FST

In October 2020, FST overcames the adverse impact of COVID-19 pandemic to successfully deliver the 140 MPa PR2 test system for customers in Saudi ARABIA AASIA YIDELONG ARABIA FACTORY. The compliance with PR2 performance requirements of wellhead installations and tree products can only be verified by testing equipment or systems that meet PR2 test requirements in accordance with specified performance evaluation procedures. With the continuous improvement of safety and reliability requirements of domestic and abroad manufacturers, products with higher performance levels are needed. For example, wellhead devices and trees in the Middle East are required to meet PR2 level requirements.

FST testing equipment strictly ensures the safety and quality standards for automotive tubing suppliers

During 2016-2019, Fossett delivered a series of testing equipment for Asia Pacific Automotive Plastic Products Co., Ltd., including high pressure pulse testing machines, positive and negative pressure pulse testing equipment, flow internal diameter testing machines, air tightness testing machines, internal diameter equipment, online sealing test beds, three comprehensive vibration test beds, and constant temperature service blasting testing machines, which both demonstrate Asia Pacific's recognition and affirmation of Fossett's technical strength and product quality, It also marks that Fossett has become a supplier of automotive plastic pipeline detection systems. As a Sino foreign joint venture company, with automotive piping systems as its main products, Yada Corporation has formed a rich product range covering all fluids in commercial and passenger vehicles, including fuel system piping, brake piping systems, cooling system piping, and intake system piping. Yada Corporation has always maintained a leading position as an "industry benchmark" in the field of automotive piping systems.

Hydrogen Fuel Station in Wuhan (under Consturction)

Hydrogen Fuel Station in Wuhan (under Consturction)